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Hello and welcome to faithxpolitics! This community is here so that we can discuss and debate how religion plays into our political views (and sometimes if it even should). It was created because religious communities have been debating about their political opinions mixed with faith. It was causing an uproar in what is otherwise peaceful communities, so we have decided to make a community specifically for debating religious based political views!

There are very few rules here:
No cursing - this speaks for itself.
Be fair - don't put words in other peoples mouths.
Be mature - don't act out in childish behaviour.
Hostility should be kept at a minimum - while the maintainers of this community are aware that it's inevitable for people to act hostile--especially in debates--we will simply not tolerate it turning into blind rage as it has so many times before.

You may post whatever you want in this community as long as it pertains to faith and politics and follows the simple rules. That means if the maintainers disagree with an opinion posted here there is no need to worry. We follow our own rules and are fair. We encourage everyone here to say what they think!

Thank you for joining and God bless! :-)
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