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linguistic Judo [Jan. 22nd, 2006|09:17 am]


In the martial art of judo one of the main ideas is that you use your opponent's "strengths" against them, turning it to your advantage. The correct placement of force, rather than the amount of force, can enable a much smaller and or 'weaker' person to flip and pin a much larger/'stronger' person. It does, however, take a willingness to change how you 'fight'.

So it is with language. We often seem to be afraid of words that are strong and have been used by our opponents (political) to demean and attack our views. We get into the habit of saying "no, I'm not ___ (fill in the blank)" and get into a debate over the words.

There are times when we need to say, "yes, I am ___(whatever),but here is what I mean by it"... in other words, "you can't use that word to attack me anymore, because I'm not afraid to be associated with it". For example, I am no longer upset when someone calls me a "bleeding heart".

Bleeding Heart

Verse 1
You thought you'd insulted me today
By calling me a “bleeding heart”.
But you don't realize
That I wear it as a badge of honor

For on the Cross so long ago
My Savior bled for me
And in this lost world
How can I do anything less?

So here's one bleeding heart
Broken for a lost world
Crying for peace
In the midst of the calls for war

Justice comes and I know it must
But the Judge stands there weeping
For all deserve life
All deserve love, all deserve freedom

© Bob King 2003